Wiliot Creates Stamp-Sized, Battery-Free Bluetooth Sensor Tags

Wiliot, a developer of semiconductors, has introduced a sticker-sized Bluetooth sensor tag powered solely by scavenging energy from ambient radio frequencies. These stamp-sized transponders can communicate with smartphones, WiFi access points and IoT devices, and connect to digital displays, WiFi and LTE cellular networks.

The chips can be glued to a simple antenna printed on plastic or paper to authenticate the proximity of a product by transmitting an encrypted serial number, along with weight and temperature data. Products can share when they are picked up or when they need to be replenished. Without batteries or other high-cost components, tags have unlimited power and lifespan, so they can be embedded inside of products that were previously unconnected to IoT devices.


With the Wiliot tags, retailers can:

  • Embed the stickers in the production phase of consumer goods, allowing real-time tracking across the supply chain;
  • Deliver product information through shoppers’ own phones or in-store displays;
  • Let consumers communicate with their products at home to get instructions on when and how to use them. Wiliot-enabled containers automatically place reorders when empty; and
  • Track valuable products in case they are lost or stolen.

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