WAIR Taps Personalized Clothing Fit Data to Enhance the Design-to-Sale Pipeline

WAIR, an AI-powered personalized fit solution, is designed to help retailers offer more accurate sizing for ecommerce orders. The technology also aims to utilize the benefits of improved fit across the entire business — from incorporating a demographic’s preferred size specifications during the design phase to helping retailers optimize ad targeting based on the sizes that need to sell.

On the consumer side, WAIR’s ecommerce recommendation solution matches products to a shopper’s individual body measurements and fit preferences through its Fit Advisor feature. Shoppers can get accurate, personalized size recommendations validated by WAIR body data and AI.

WAIR captures enriched shopper intelligence from this process that retailers can access through an analytics dashboard, to track performance metrics and integrate personalized shopper insights into the planning and sales cycles. Some of the features of the complete platform include:

  • Fit Optimization: Designed to generate updated size specifications for optimized fit coverage for a target audience;
  • Inventory Forecasting: Predicting inventory needs and size runs down to the store level.
  • Ad Campaign Contribution: Optimizing ad targeting for inventory and adjusting ad spend based on the body data of shoppers.


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