Vizable IPad App Gives Retailers Easier Access To Store, Inventory Data

Tableau Software has unveiled Vizable, an iPad app designed to help users see and understand a wide range of data types.

Stores, individuals and businesses can instantly track and evaluate data hosted on their device, whether it concerns sales, inventory, shipments or overall store performance. The app enables managers and executives to make data-driven decisions about staffing, discounts and other factors that can optimize their retail business.

The most recent update to the app, Vizable 1.3, allows users to switch number and category fields, and use the count unique feature to find out how many unique values are within the data.


Upon downloading the app from the iTunes store, users can:

  • Join the Vizable World online community, to engage with colleagues and friends and submit feedback and suggestions;

  • Share their favorite Vizable discovery via the “Moments” feature; and

  • Join the conversation on Twitter, using the hashtag #vizable.

“We started with a food truck, so the very nature of our business is mobile,” said Roz Edison, owner of Marination, a Hawaiian-Korean cuisine business with one food truck and three restaurants in Seattle. “Since we’ve started using Vizable, if someone asks me how Marination is doing this week, I can pull out my iPad, start swiping and dragging my cash register data, and boom! It’s that easy.”

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