Vision Critical Brings Intelligence Suite To CPGs

Vision Critical Brings Intelligence Suite To CPGs

Today's digitally savvy customers lack product loyalty, shop across a variety of channels and rely on peer recommendations. To survive and thrive, CPG companies must possess insight into consumer shopping preferences and then tailor products, campaigns and experiences accordingly.

Vision Critical, a customer intelligence platform provider, has launched the Consumer Goods Intelligence Suite, which is designed to help CPG companies make customer-centric business decisions. The solution enables brands to anticipate customer preferences, forecast trends to improve products and understand new purchasing behaviors.

The solution provides CPG companies with access to an ongoing, two-way dialogue with customers through a secure, opt-in online community. Programmed with pre-built tools and templates, it also helps CPGs engage community members to garner insights that help them solve industry and business challenges.

With the suite, CPGs can:

  • Build detailed customer profiles;

  • Deploy customer engagement projects;

  • Access a customer intelligence library pre-programmed with activities designed to address the most common CPG challenges;

  • Analyze and report on member feedback quickly and efficiently; and

  • Share actionable insights with important stakeholders across the organization.

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