Virtual Assistant Ultra Harnesses Video To Engage Shoppers

Among the multiple tools and solutions available to retailers today, digital signage can help improve engagement and dwell times in physical stores, and in turn, improve sales results.

Virtual Assistant Ultra, a digital image projection signage solution, projects a video image of a “digital store associate” sharing timely store announcements, deals and sales. Created by Tensator, a customer journey management solution provider, the Virtual Assistant technology is designed to enhance the customer experience and company brand presence.

Homebase, a home and garden retailer, recently tested the impact of Virtual Assistant technology compared to an in-store video wall comprised of nine screens. The goal for both solutions was to motivate shoppers to visit an upper store level featuring high-end consumer goods.


“During a four-week trial, the Virtual Assistant was 10 times more effective at driving traffic to the upper floor than the video wall,” said Glen Kelly, Project Manager for Homebase. Additionally, the technology helped the brick-and-mortar retailer increase customer traffic and dwell time by 50%. Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra, Kelly noted, is “a real point of differentiation and has allowed us to change the in-store customer journey.”

The roughly 60-inch-high Virtual Assistant Ultra occupies a compact, 20-by-20-inch footprint that fits into store aisles, end caps or alongside products promoted at the point of sale. Additional promotional real estate is available on the unit, which contains three sides of open space, to allow retailers to spotlight specific products and brand partners.

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