UnDigital Launches Package Insert Advertising Marketplace

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UnDigital, the package insert marketplace that launched in July 2018, gives advertisers of all sizes access to an inventory of more than 300 million packages for insert ads. Additionally, the service is designed to empower retailers to transform package overhead into a bottom-line business driver. 

With billions of packages shipped annually, UnDigital is seeking to bring scalability to insert advertising. The marketplace is designed to enable marketers to reach new consumers in a measurable, testable channel with positive brand association and guaranteed viewability.

Retailers can use the service to monetize shipments, create a new revenue stream and provide an additional offer curation service to their customers.


Using UnDigital, retailers post a monthly listing with their number of expected package shipments and the maximum number of inserts they will accept for each package. Advertisers can specify the number of packages that they’re willing to take, at a preset per-package purchase price that the retailer determines, and upload the accompanying campaign creative. The retailers see all purchases in real time and retail approval over which advertisers can insert ads into their packages.

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