UberRetail Uses Mobile Data To Evaluate Potential Store Locations

UberMedia has released UberRetail, a platform designed to help retailers, restaurants and developers identify and evaluate new storefront opportunities via real-world behaviors of local consumers. 

UberRetail uses mobile device location data to identify regional foot traffic patterns, popular paths-to-purchase and customer density.

Retailers seeking to identify profitable storefronts can improve their data sources with intelligence derived from the mobile devices modern consumers use every day. Using the platform, users can:


  • Draw precise locations: Enter an address and draw an exact boundary of the location;

  • Analyze and filter data: View a variety of visitor patterns using filters such as dayparting to see only data that may be relevant for business use;

  • Make business site decisions: Integrate data patterns into current modeling to better inform decision-making processes; and

  • Improve site selection and sales forecasting intelligence.

The service includes mobile phone data with latitude/longitude points that are accurate to approximately 20 feet.

Additionally, the platform lets users specify a time frame to compare visitor patterns to overall patterns. If the time frame is left unspecified, the results will include all data gathered from the past nine months.

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