Tyco Deploys Multiple Technologies To Boost Loss Prevention And Store Performance

Tyco Retail Solutions launched the Sensormatic Synergy Series, a portfolio of modular Acousto-Magnetic (AM)/RFID detection systems. The solutions leverage the AM and RFID technologies, along with infrared and IP/Video, connected in one system that is designed to help retailers enhance loss prevention and optimize store performance.

The Synergy Series helps maximize retailers’ electronic article surveillance (EAS) investments by gathering shopper, inventory and EAS intelligence to drive better store performance. Synergy can also integrate technologies that feed actionable data to Tyco’s TrueVUE reporting platform for increased store intelligence and optimal retailer value.

The detection systems include numerous features designed to enhance loss prevention in retail stores, including:


  • Sensormatic anti-theft protection in high noise environments;

  • An add-on mounted camera for close-up images during alarm events; and

  • Remote EAS device management and monitoring.

Synergy also offers benefits for optimizing retail store performance including:

  • Maximizing valuable floor selling space;

  • Tracking customer visits with integrated traffic sensors;

  • Managing EAS system power, potentially saving up to 90% without performance degradation even when no customer traffic is present.

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