TruRating Unveils Full Online Offering Following Magento Extension

TruRating Unveils Full Online Offering Following Magento Extension

TruRating, a multichannel customer feedback solution for retailers, hospitality and service businesses, has unveiled its extension with Magento Commerce. The customer feedback solutions will now be available to Magento merchants and all online retailers.

With the extension, retailers can gather customer feedback through online and brick-and-mortar channels, combining ratings with transaction data.

The platform asks customers one question on the payment confirmation page, which the user can respond to using a number from 0-9. The solution reports this feedback on the retailer’s performance dashboard in near real time, and companies can switch between reports for online and brick-and-mortar stores.

“Providing an extension through Magento seems the obvious way to officially launch our online product offering and bring more retailers the customer insights they’re craving,” said Georgina Nelson, CEO at TruRating in a statement. “Nearly 35% of businesses around the world use Magento to host their online store.”

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