Transpay Provides Alternative For Cross-Border Money Transfers

Transpay Provides Alternative For Cross-Border Money Transfers

Transpay is a B2B/B2P (business-to-persons) cross-border payments platform specializing in supplier payouts to emerging and challenging markets. The company’s platform is designed to enable transfers across its global proprietary network for global marketplaces, merchants and resellers, and serve as an alternative to legacy correspondent banking wires, digital wallets and prepaid cards. 

For retailers and marketplaces, completing payouts to sellers in emerging markets is rife with challenges, such as high fees from currency exchange and wires, disparate available payment methods and limited visibility into transaction completion.

With Transpay, users can deliver funds in local currency directly into sellers’ bank accounts or a preferred cash pick-up location. Local bank transfers are typically complete in a few hours, while cash transfers are available immediately from any of 250,000+ cash pickup locations.

Transpay’sMass Pay API uses an end-to-end single-point API connection to enable businesses to send unlimited mass payouts across Transpay’s global proprietary network with one integration. Through Transpay's global proprietary network, funds are processed directly from B2B or B2P, without crossing any intermediary or correspondent bank networks. 


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