Tobii Pro Launches Sprint Eye-Tracking Design Tool

Tobii Pro, an eye-tracking research solutions provider, has unveiled Tobii Pro Sprint, a web-based tool that facilitates user testing of digital products and services. Tobii Pro Sprint allows UX designers to view and/or record the test participants’ eye movements while using their service or product on a computer equipped with a Tobii eye tracker.

For example, a retailer needing to streamline navigation and the number of steps in the checkout process on its e-Commerce site can turn to the eye-tracking platform to help convert site visitors to buyers.

With Tobii Pro:


  • Video recordings and live streaming of user tests and results make it easier to present usability issues to stakeholders and prove that UX is evidence-based and not about somebody’s taste;
  • Immediate and objective feedback from users speed up both the design and decision-making process; and
  • The test moderator can invite team members sitting remotely to observe the sessions and communicate through the chat feature, which facilitates team collaboration.

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