Threekit Offers Virtual Image Generation Tools

Threekit Offers Virtual Image Generation Tools

Threekit, a visual customer experience solution provider, has introduced a product visual platform that lets retailers create thousands of photorealistic, interactive 3D and AR visuals. The platform is designed to help companies create hyper-realistic visuals that can show off every customization, configuration, style, color, texture and size of a given product.

Threekit also has launched Virtual Photographer, a software that creates product images for e-Commerce that are designed to look real but are completely computer-rendered. The tool seeks to save retailers the trouble of the photoshoot process, and enable them to create images for every single unit available.

In addition to creating static and 3D images, the Threekit platform supports:

  • Instant assortment changes: The platform can import a product catalog to instantly create a rules engine that businesses can use across their visual supply chain, and the visuals can be sent to a store instantly;
  • Easy collaboration: Threekit is built for collaboration, letting marketers modify product configuration options and approve visuals, while 3D designers have an interface of design tools; and
  • Valuable insights: The platform doubles as an analytics dashboard, informing users which products draw the most engagement and how customers are engaging with products.
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