Symphony EYC Engage Eases Customer Segmentation Process

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Retailers execute marketing campaigns across multiple channels — often simultaneously — throughout the year. As a result, campaign management can sometimes be daunting, leaving many retailers scrambling to understand customer preferences and create more effective initiatives.

Engage from Symphony EYC is an analytics and loyalty campaign management platform designed to ease the burden of marketing campaign management. Key campaign execution functions are automated to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of segmentation and targeting efforts.

Marketers using Engage can measure each unique campaign through various performance attributes. Engage gives retailers comprehensive visibility into each customer’s purchase history, preferences, demographics and interests. The platform delivers actionable insights to help improve shopping trip frequency, basket size and customer retention in a cost-effective manner. All marketing campaigns can be delivered to customers in real time, so retailers can actively engage with shoppers at home, in store, on the checkout line or on the go.

Components of the Symphony EYC Engage solution include:


  • Targeting analytics to help retailers understand specific customer groups;
  • Configurable customer information management, so marketers can access all vital data to create compelling, targeted efforts;
  • Real-time transaction processing and analysis to ensure promotions and loyalty program rewards are delivered in a timely fashion; and
  • Reporting, analytics and visualization tools, which help retailers understand real-time sales and customer preferences across channels.

With these tools and capabilities, retailers can understand the unique attributes of each customer, which helps them create more compelling offers and campaigns, and in turn, garner long-term loyalty. 

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