Swrve Launches Premium Analytics For Reporting And Insights

Swrve Launches Premium Analytics For Reporting And Insights

Swrve has unveiled its Premium Analytics offering, a new add-on to the existing Swrve Mobile Engagement Platform.

Swrve’s Premium Analytics is designed to offer organizations insights, reporting and analytics capabilities. The platform hosts all of an organization’s mobile data, giving enterprise data scientists complete capabilities for data mining, reports and predictive modelling, to lend strategic insights about their business’ mobile performance.

Users can leverage Premium Analytics to understand their mobile apps, to improve aspects that are underperforming and unearth opportunities for new growth.

Premium Analytics provides full SQL query access for enterprise data science teams. All data is part of the core Swrve export and is completely proprietary for any business using the platform. Any technical user can run SQL queries and build custom dashboards, and share those reports and dashboards throughout their organization through the Premium Analytics interface.

For companies without a data science team, Swrve also offers service support with a dedicated team member. Companies can now create custom dashboards and views of user activity by location, device types, dynamic funnels and more.

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