RSS Matches Retailers’ Space Needs With Real Estate Vacancies Matches Retailers’ Space Needs With Real Estate Vacancies

StoreMatch is a cloud-based leasing platform designed to match retailer needs with landlord vacancies in a confidential B2B environment.

The web site enables retailers to enter their growth strategies for proposed stores while matching up the entered data with available leases within their required areas. With the online leasing platform, retailers can privately enter their desired sites by location, size of space required and usage. For their part, landlords can confidentially enter in their vacant sites. Retailers can search for all available site opportunities by state and by center type.

Both the retailer and the landlord must update their growth strategy regularly to ensure the likelihood of matching.

Once this data is entered into the StoreMatch system, the site actively pulls data between both the landlords and retailers.Information on a specific site will only be shared between the two parties if a match is determined. Once the match is made, the retailer and landlord are put in contact with each other to begin negotiating the deal.

The StoreMatch technology platform operates off an HTML5 SaaS platform delivering real-time information updates.

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