StitcherAds Integrates POS Data With Facebook Offline API

StitcherAds Integrates POS Data With Facebook Offline API

StitcherAds, a global Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner, has unveiled a new feature to its unified commerce solution that integrates retail POS data with Facebook’s offline API and new ad formats for driving in-store purchases.

The new feature is designed to give retail marketers access to accurate, identity-based data on how Facebook and Instagram ads impact in-store revenue, allowing them to target offline purchases online.

By integrating data with Facebook to match brick-and-mortar customers with corresponding Facebook users, StitcherAds can determine which of these users saw and/or clicked on the digital ads for the items purchased, influencing the in-store sale.

This purchase data is then automatically leveraged to optimize campaigns focused on increasing foot traffic. StitcherAds also can use the data for audience building, including retargeting in-store customers and prospecting lookalikes of high value in-store customers with best-selling products. In addition to increased brick-and-mortar sales, retailers benefit from StitcherAds’ new capability by acquiring advanced insights on in-store customer segments related to general demographics, household income, spending behavior and more.

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