Spendsetter Manages Customer Advocate Databases

Spendsetter Manages Customer Advocate Databases

Building a trusting relationship with the consumer is a chief imperative for retailers to gain loyalty. Spendsetter has released an advocacy marketing platform designed so retailers can build a database of advocates.

These advocates can include passionate fans and consumers of the brand, who will likely know more about the retailer, and speak as well about them, as any employee. The added benefit here is that advocates will likely have closer relationships with consumers than brand employees will.

With Spendsetter, retailers can:

  • Motivate these advocates by offering incentives for creating and sharing authentic branded content;

  • Use the Brand Dashboard to manage all campaigns, advocates, rewards and marketplace offerings;

  • View advocate profiles and team accounts; and

  • Analyze in-depth reporting to understand how well products are received in the marketplace and what campaigns get the best reactions.

Advocates can have full access to the retailer’s branded app on desktop, iOS, and Android devices. In the app, advocates can interact with promotions, access the brand's complete social feed, find store or event locations and invite their friends to sign up. These advocates can earn points for their interactions and access a marketplace to redeem their points on exclusive products and opportunities.

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