Solution Spotlight: AisleFinder Helps Consumers Navigate Stores with Interactive Kiosk Map

Created in 2008, AisleFinder is an in-store interactive shopping display and kiosk application designed to enable shoppers to quickly and efficiently find the items they want to buy within medium-to-large sized shopping/retails stores. You can think of it as Google Maps for the store. The solution provides a Web site and iPhone application designed to help customers find desired items by directing them to the aisles where the items can be found.

AisleFinder is for grocery and retail locations that want to add value to their brand, as well as the customers shopping experience by giving customers a way to explore the store and do more targeted shopping. If we can save the customer time, they have more time to explore the store.

Aisle Finder is an in-store interactive Kiosk designed to enable consumers to:


  • Search for and locate items and the aisles that they are on by entering the item name
  • Find all items on a particular recipe, within a store.
  • Find all items from their online shopping list within a store

Headquartered in Milpitas, CA, the AisleFinder team is well versed in customer service and grocery. Product Manager Curtiss Pope worked firsthand in grocery in the mid 90s and has used the talents that he acquired as a customer service clerk in the arena of software development. Product Developer Jim Davis also worked in the grocery industry for over 16 years at Lucky’s Supermarkets, starting from the ground up as a stock clerk and eventually joining the management ranks as a Store Manager for the chain until 2000.

Market Relevance:
The problem is that customers are not spending time exploring and finding out about new products because they are frustrated searching the store aisles for the items that they really need. Another pain point for customers is being referred to different departments rather than getting the immediate assistance they need to follow through with their purchase. These frustrations tarnish the brand’s reputation and leave the customer to a bad shopping experience.


Aisle Finder is designed to remedy this problem and enhance the customer shopping experience by providing an interactive in-store kiosk where the customer can:

  1. Find items by name within the store, and get a printed out location map
  2. Find/Print coupons
  3. Find/Print deals
  4. A Recipe Finder, that finds all items within a recipe in the store.
  5. Online Shopping Lists import

In order to implement the AiseFinder solution, retailers must tap external resources, including a 42-inch LCD touchscreen monitor, in addition to:

  • Kiosk enclosure
  • MINI-ATX workstation or thin client with Internet Connection
  • AisleFinder Content Manager
  • AisleFinder Search or Premium

The AisleFinder solution is a multi-layered Windows application built using:Microsoft .Net Framework

  • Microsoft Windows Presentation Framework (WPF)
  • Microsoft Surface

Proof Points:
56% of shoppers could not find the items on their shopping list and gave up
, according to research in The Wall Street Journal. That means grocery retailers lost out on more than half the business their customers were willing to give them. From an ROI standpoint, the AisleFinder solution is designed to enable retailers to extend their brand advertising with in-store banners or runners on screen. The solution is aimed at reducing labor costs and increasing customer self-service.

The solution is also designed to enable market research to help retailers segment and target customer ads by finding out what they are searching for the most, helping to position key items within the store.

The AisleFinder team is currently in talks with several major retailers and grocery chains.


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