SML RFID Launches All-In-One RFID Tagging Solution

SML RFID Launches All-In-One RFID Tagging Solution

SML RFID, a full-service RFID solution provider, has launched RFID TotalCare, an all-in-one systemic package of the company’s item-level RFID tagging and software solutions. The suite aims to simplify compliance and adoption, reduce risk and maximize value in retail environments.

TotalCare includes a complete range of RFID solutions, including tag development within current product categories and source tagging at the factory for improved inventory accuracy in stores and a complete suite of consulting services. An estimated 12% of the retail apparel and footwear market will have implemented RFID by the end of 2019, with 2020 potentially the biggest year for RFID implementation yet, and the solution seeks to catch the incoming wave of new adopters.

SML RFID’s tags can be used in conjunction with the company’s Clarity software, which offers item-level RFID for improved apparel inventory management. The tool can help retailers collect more accurate and timely inventory data to reduce personnel costs and eliminate the need for third-party audits.

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