ShopAdvisor Unveils Enhancements To Proximity Marketing Platform

ShopAdvisor Unveils Enhancements To Proximity Marketing Platform

ShopAdvisor has added new features to its Product Intelligence, Context Intelligence and Shopper Intelligence modules, as well as its appNET network and retail partner program.

The new version of the ShopAdvisor Platform is designed to enable cost-effective development and execution of proximity marketing campaigns, which can deliver personalized shopping experiences that take shoppers from their smartphones into stores to purchase products.

The modules' functionalities include:

  • Product Intelligence: Ingests information from hundreds of direct relationships with retailers and other data partners — and then merges, categorizes and standardizes complex product data;

  • Context Intelligence: Collects and catalogs contextual data points ranging from local product inventory and store locations to trending products featured on the pages of magazines and web sites. The module is designed to help marketers understand the relationship between a shopper’s current context and the products and messaging critical to user engagement.

  • Shopper Intelligence: Captures signals from the products and brands consumers interact with to derive deep consumer insights, such as brand, category and retailer affinities along with measurements of price sensitivity, purchase intent and optimal messaging times.

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