Senseon Enhances Secure Access Electronic Locking System

Senseon Enhances Secure Access Electronic Locking System

Senseon Secure Access is a keyless, hidden, RFID-driven electronic locking system for cabinets that is designed to eliminate the need for traditional locks and keys, all while enhancing both loss prevention and the customer experience. The system can control as many as 15 cabinet drawers or doors at once. It’s particularly suitable for jewelry, consumer electronics and other high-end retailers.

Recent additions include an electronic lock (5EL) for sliding doors in display cases that can withstand up to 250 lbs. of breakforce in virtually any casework and keep contents protected during a power outage.

Retailers with existing cabinets and fixtures also can benefit from the Senseon electronic locking system. The 10EL side-mount drawer catch is designed to enable existing cabinetry with drawer slides, with at least a half-inch profile, to be retrofitted for a Senseon upgrade.

Additional locking solutions from Senseon include:

  • 3135ECEL: A hidden, commercial grade undermount drawer slide with integrated electronic lock with an easy-close feature; and
  • 38TREL: A side-mount drawer slide with integrated electronic lock and touch-release feature.

Senseon was the Retail Technology Solutions winner in the 2017 GlobalShop Product Design Competition, sponsored by the International Interior Design Association (IIDA).

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