Samsung Taps Mobile And Digital Signage For In-Store Personalization

Samsung Taps Mobile And Digital Signage For In-Store Personalization

Samsung has launched a number of new services designed to help retailers offer shoppers more personalized experiences in-store. The tools harness mobile devices, digital displays and kiosks to reduce friction and bolster security across the brick-and-mortar shopper experience:

  • Connected Associate: This assistive selling solution helps store associates provide useful advice such as product information, in-store promotions and product videos through a tablet or smartphone. The tool is capable of addressing a range of topics based on each customer’s needs and is designed to turn associates into knowledge workers;
  • Lockdown: The Samsung Knox security platform has been integrated with the BricTECH application by Samsung partner Sennco Solutions. Retailers can tap Sennco’s lockdown capabilities, which use geofencing and custom triggers to automatically “brick” stolen or misplaced devices; and
  • Quick Serve, Self-Serve and Mobile Orders: Various solutions in Samsung’s product suite help shoppers improve their operations, reduce friction, evaluate sales patterns and improve in-store service and operations.

Samsung also has launched the Nexshop solution, which combines a cloud-based analytics dashboard with real-time behavioral sensing technology to help retailers capture customer traffic data. This technology connects with digital signage to create personalized experiences and customized content in-store, and provides stores with traffic analysis to help them allocate associates based on customer behavior.

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