Revuze Leverages Machine Learning To Analyze Customer Sentiment

0aaSS Revuze ImageRevuze is an AI solution designed to deliver data-driven insights into customer sentiment and enable retailers to create an agile response to market demands.

By combining neural networks and machine learning, the engine trains itself to understand text on any product or service and relevant attributes to deliver immediate, in-depth, ongoing feedback to companies about how their products and services are bought and experienced.

With no predefinition of keywords or metrics, Revuze automatically identifies the most relevant keywords, phrases, queries and discussion topics.

Retailers can use the platform to identify what aspects of their store are performing at their best or require closer attention. The solution measures features such as store aisle width, shopping cart size, parking space allocation, bathroom cleanliness, store lighting and even the staff performance. When combined, those aspects provide an overall consumer sentiment about the store. 

For example, if a store’s lighting is too dim, the system triggers an alert about the relevant issue so proactive actions can be taken by the regional manager, creating a more positive consumer experience.

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