RevTrax SmartOffers Personalizes Digital Coupons

SS RevTrax imageCoupons are considered key tools in retailers’ marketing arsenals. Oftentimes, though, coupons can only be used for specific products or are limited to certain departments.

Revtrax created SmartOffers to help marketers personalize digital coupons based on predefined rules and business conditions. In an effort to drive incremental sales in stores, retailers can use SmartOffers to:

  • Serve dynamic offers based on customer social influence;
  • Geo-fence coupons to specific store locations or geographic areas;
  • Reward loyalty members with unique offers based on previous redemptions/purchases; and
  • Personalize the shopping experience for anonymous customers coming through affiliate and display channels.

Marketers can use SmartOffers to facilitate these personalized experiences across all marketing channels through a coupon portal that includes dynamic landing pages, calls-to-action and offers.

“We want to continually be on the front lines of what’s possible in digital marketing, and SmartOffers takes us to the next level,” said Jonathan Treiber, CEO and Co-Founder of RevTrax. “No other technology in the market offers this level of personalization and control. We can’t wait to see the unique ways retailers and brands put SmartOffers to use. The options for clients to tailor campaigns are almost limitless.”

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