RevCascade Launches Marketplace Automation Management Platform

RevCascade Launches Marketplace Automation Management Platform

RevCascade unveiled a marketplace automation platform designed to enable brands to plug in hundreds of e-Commerce sites through a single integration, while also enabling retailers to launch, operate and scale their own marketplaces.

Retailers can leverage RevCascade to:

  • Limit inventory risk;

  • Access more SKUs from existing brands;

  • Roll out new product categories;

  • Discover new brands;

  • Test new products;

  • Help optimize their merchandise mix via actionable analytics;

  • Increase revenue; and

  • Build brand loyalty by offering customers an extended aisle of products.

With this extended aisle, consumers gain easy access to additional products from their preferred retailers.

Businesses on the brand side can:

  • Easily and rapidly list, sell and manage products on any online retail site;

  • Build a marketplace with both existing and new vendors;

  • Broaden their distribution network, gain new customers and increase revenue.

“Our current process of onboarding vendors, uploading products and managing transactions is filled with a lot of manual integration work,” said Fatima Yusuf, Co-Founder and COO of interior design marketplace “By removing this friction, RevCascade empowers us to focus on rapidly scaling our business with current and new vendors.”

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