Qubit Debuts AI-Powered Product Discovery Solution For Mobile

Qubit Debuts AI-Powered Product Discovery Solution For Mobile

Qubit has launched Qubit Aura, a product discovery solution for mobile web designed to help retail brands tackle mobile shopper conversion issues. Qubit Aura sits on an existing mobile web site and, through AI-powered personalization, changes the products users see based on their behavior. Although two users may start seeing the same retail experience, Qubit Aura is programmed to provide users with real-time individualized experiences based on their actions and predicted tastes.

While traffic on both mobile and desktop is comparable, desktop still beats mobile in conversion rates, revenue per visitor and average number of products viewed, according to Qubit.

Key features of the solution include:

  • A Surface layer over the existing web site designed to help users seamlessly switch between discovery, browsing and purchasing;
  • An integrated discovery environment, designed to bring together a user's behavior with programmatic experiences like social proof and product recommendations; and
  • Machine learning and event level data collection, designed to organize products based on every unique visitor’s interests. The platform uses a UX specifically developed to help overcome the limitations of a small screen. 
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