Pointy Uploads Store Product Catalog To Online Database

Pointy Uploads Store Product Catalog To Online Database

Pointy has designed an electronic device that plugs into a store’s POS terminal to build an online catalog of a retailer’s in-stock products.When someone scans a product’s barcode, the Pointy box will automatically upload the products onto a “Pointy page” built specifically for the retailer.

The platform is designed so that shoppers can look for products with an online search engine to see if they are in stock at a specific store.

Once the Pointy device is installed, that shop’s online catalog will continually and automatically update based on products that scan. Unlike setting up a full e-Commerce site, retailers don’t have to do the added work to maintain the page, which means that they can focus on their normal business.

Pointy is a “plug and play” device, requiring no additional software downloads. It works immediately after it is connected between the barcode scanner and POS.

Currently, Pointy offers the service for all product categories except clothing and fashion. If there is a manufacturer issued barcode affixed to the product, Pointy is designed to work with it.

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