Placemeter Measures Stores’ Surroundings With Video

To measure the success of a store’s location, sometimes the retailer needs to figure out just how many potential shoppers they are reeling in.

Placemeter has released an urban intelligence platform quantifying the movement of how people and vehicles move throughout urban spaces. Retail businesses can apply the solution to understand their surroundings and measure store performance. Specifically, Placemeter can measure walking direction and store visits, as well as the volume of pedestrian traffic.

With the platform, users can connect a Placemeter Sensor or an IP camera on a window so it overlooks the intended area of measurement. The platform is optimized to handle any type of video source, regardless of angle, resolution or weather. Users can then access real-time data via a web dashboard and measure it against a historical baseline.


Retailers of all sizes can use Placemeter to better understand consumer traffic patterns outside of the store and optimize their operations. This can include quantifying their full sales funnel with street-to-store conversion rates, selecting new locations using on-the-ground activity, and getting to know their audience through behavioral segmentation.

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