PCMS Debuts Personalized Offers For Omnichannel Marketing Engagement

0aaSS PCMS ImagePCMS has unveiled Personalized Offers, a cloud-based, API-driven engine designed to deliver more effective, engaging marketing for retailers.

The solution is designed to help retailers personalize the shopping journey by giving each customer a unique identifier (a physical loyalty card, QR code, mobile app or fingerprint scan), with the aim of helping retailers gain granular consumer insights on individual shoppers.

Key features of the solution include:

  • Omnichannel touch points, which enable retailers to set usage rules across touch points to help them customize campaigns according to shoppers’ promotional preferences (e.g. dollar discounts, free products or services or access to exclusive events). Customers can also select their next reward from a list.
  • Centralized control, designed to give retailers control of real-time omnichannel marketing insights and unify usage channels. Retailers can give shoppers rewards by email, social media, SMS or a message at the store checkout.
  • Real-time data, programmed to give users insight on a marketing campaign’s performance, and reduce fraud by immediately indicating when a shopper redeems a voucher code or loyalty program promotion. Additionally, it triggers location-based promotions, including push notifications on a mobile app for digital coupons and exclusive offers.

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