Panoramic Power Unveils Energy Management Sensors To Aid Retail Sustainability

Panoramic Power has released a device-level energy monitoring solution designed to shine a light on operational inefficiencies by providing visibility into energy consumption and mechanical performance.

Panoramic Power offers wireless self-powered sensors that monitor each energy-consuming device within an enterprise, and send energy data from each device to a cloud-based analytics platform, PowerRadar. Lights, registers, HVAC, refrigeration and other assets are tracked, benchmarked and monitored for optimal efficiency.

“A retailer’s energy costs could represent 5.5% of its store’s operating costs, so driving a 15% reduction in energy costs would increase its profit margin by 18.7%,” said Adam Siegel, Senior VP of Research, Innovation and Sustainability at the Retail Industry Leaders Association.


With an ongoing stream of information pulled from energy use, data collected via the sensors can create a profile of retail equipment’s operational health at both the device and system levels. When behavioral anomalies are detected at the earliest stages — prior to any malfunction or any detrimental effects on production — notifications are sent to the relevant parties, ensuring the opportunity for preventative intervention

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