Orderbot Joins Shopify Plus Partner Program

Orderbot Joins Shopify Plus Partner Program

Omnichannel order management platform Orderbot is now a strategic partner of Shopify Plus. Through a pre-built integration, Shopify Plus merchants have access to the Orderbot cloud-based platform, which is designed to improve customer satisfaction and manage back-end operations, all in one place.

Wholesalers and retailers can both use Orderbot to receive, fulfill and service customer orders from any digital channel.

Orderbot’s pre-built integration with Shopify Plus will enable merchants to:

  • Access full order and inventory visibility;

  • Streamline the entire pick, pack and ship process;

  • Send tracking numbers to Shopify Plus;

  • Automate product creation and updating processes; and

  • Improve operational reporting.

Orderbot can fulfill orders whether a retailer has one or multiple warehouses, and it supports direct integrations with major shipping vendors such as UPS, FedEx or USPS.

Retailers can use the platform’s order guides to control what products are visible and available to customers, web sites or marketplaces. Companies can assign these guides to a single account or to thousands. No matter who is placing the order — customer service, sales reps, or the customer themselves — accurate product information will always be displayed.

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