Optimove Adds Customer Retention AI Engine To Acquisition Marketing Hub

Optimove Adds Customer Retention AI Engine To Acquisition Marketing Hub

Optimove, a marketing hub platform, has released the newest version of its product, Optimove 6.0. The platform is designed to help retailers automate their targeted marketing campaigns for new visitors with the same precision possible as with customers who have already made a purchase.

Key features of the new release include:

-          Web analytics programmed to give users analytics from new visitors with lookalike data;

-          Machine learning and AI designed to predict a customer’s future spend before they make a purchase;

-          Campaign insights designed to segment site viewers into micro categories and provide insights on which campaigns will be most likely to lead to conversion; and

-          Optibot, an automation tool designed to help retailers target only those visitors that are most likely to make a purchase. 

Optimove’s new release aims to close the gap between acquisition and retention teams, who often have clashing goals of lowering cost per acquisition and achieving long term customers. Unifying these functions enables retailers to reduce conflicts of interest between teams and eliminate the data loss that occurs when moving from one CRM to another. 

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