OmnyPay Incentivizes Consumers To Select Preferred Payment Options

OmnyPay Incentivizes Consumers To Select Preferred Payment Options

OmnyPay enables retailers to deliver an integrated payment and rewards experience. It can also incentivize customers to select the lowest-cost option from numerous preferred payment types that a retailer offers, from private label cards to debit cards.

On the customer side, OmnyPay is designed to yield the highest level of savings for discount-conscious shoppers. OmnyPay provides redemption for loyalty, points and promotions to reduce payment processing costs, arming retailers with a direct means to increase sales.

The payment solution can be bundled into a retailer’s existing mobile app, enabling the retail brand — not the credit card provider — to remain front-and-center throughout the payment process.

OmnyPay functions across web, app and physical stores and can be implemented with very light software integration and no additional POS equipment. It is also compatible with NFC payment systems.

The system supports multiple payment types, including store cards, private label credit cards, debit cards, credit cards and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions.

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