New Pig Unveils Grippy Floor Mat

New Pig has released the Grippy Floor Mat, an adhesive-backed floor mat designed to improve store safety and protect high-traffic walkways that are vulnerable to spills. The absorbent Grippy Floor Mat can help replace rental rugs and keep store floors dry and safe.

The Grippy Floor Mat has a P53 adhesive back that sticks to the floor without curling, bunching or moving like traditional rubber-backed floor mats. It can be mopped, buffed or vacuumed without having to be repositioned.

Features of the New Pig Grippy Floor Mat include:

  • Layered materials designed to ensure tight grip and water retention that minimize tracking and surface puddles;

  • Continuous length options for easy customization and filling of gaps;

  • Material designed to be cut to fit corners and curves;

  • NFSI certified high-traction surface that won’t rip, shred or fray;

  • A “try before you buy” policy; and

  • Fast shipping, expert support and outstanding service.

Grippy Mat can stay down for up to 12 weeks before change-out, helping store owners save on the cost of renting floor mats and eliminating the hidden labor and maintenance costs of rubber-backed mats.

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