Netsertive Offers MarketWise Solution For Localized Brand Marketing

Netsertive Offers MarketWise Solution For Localized Brand Marketing

MarketWise, an intelligence platform designed for brands to analyze local market data and trends, can help them decide how best to support local business partners and to distribute marketing funds more efficiently and with maximum accountability to drive visible results. 

The MarketWise location management platform from Netsertive is designed to scale with a brand’s network and deliver effective campaigns even with multiple local business partners. The solution can:

  • Embed brand compliant, mobile- and conversion-optimized landing pages directly on retailers’ web sites, designed to enable seamless execution of local digital marketing campaigns;

  • Leverage collective national brand data to optimize local campaigns and content to deliver a steady stream of new customers; and

  • Manage social media campaigns and provide industry insights for local audience targeting.

Other key features include co-op facilitation, mobile targeting, video advertising, call recording and tracking plus marketing asset management. The digital solution can assist sales for local promotions such as holidays, product launches and events.

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