MyThings Enhances MyFunnel With Advanced Programmatic Customization

0aaSS myFunnel ImageMyThings, a retargeting and performance display advertising platform, has added advanced customization for programmatic advertising to its myFunnel solution.

With myFunnel, myThings provides:

  • Custom segmentation strategy built directly on top of the custom sales funnel, populating segments with the correctly profiled users for a successful retargeting outlook;

  • Audience segment transparency, giving marketers insights about how each audience segment performs within a single campaign, providing deeper visibility and campaign insights. These transparency tools not only can give advertisers greater insights into campaign performance, they can also assure proper attribution and protect advertisers from fraud;


  • Model and bidding optimization per advertiser, to understand the value of each impression opportunity by recognizing where it fits in the funnel. Additionally, the solution’s machine-learning models and algorithms optimize the real-time bidding process across all ad exchanges.

  • Custom dynamic creative at each funnel stage that is brand aligned and uses absolutely no templates, for on-point customer messaging; and

  • Per-stage ROI insights and transparent budget allocation, giving advertisers a full performance breakdown of their campaigns and user activity by funnel stages that are themselves completely customizable.

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