Mozu Launches B2B-Focused Update To E-Commerce Platform

Mozu Launches B2B-Focused Update To E-Commerce Platform

Mozu has launched a service update to its platform specifically tailored for B2B e-Commerce sellers, designed to help companies accelerate business growth, optimize their bottom line and quickly integrate innovative customer experiences into their sites.

The update to the Mozu platform now includes four features designed specifically for B2B merchants:

  • Price lists;

  • Purchase orders;

  • Transaction logs; and

  • Account hierarchies.

With price listing, businesses can incentivize their customers with special pricing, defining multiple price lists and assigning specific customers to each. Purchase orders can streamline businesses, keep customers up-to-speed on payment obligations and can be defined by spending limits, net payment terms and other controls.

Retailers can access transaction logs so that administrators can view transactions against a purchase order balance with no special bookkeeping or codes needed. Administrators can preview content when designing pages and build out customer account hierarchies to outline the structure of their business and define who should be allowed to perform specific actions on the site.


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