Manthan Launches In-Store Personalization Platform

Manthan Launches In-Store Personalization Platform

Manthan has debuted an in-store personalization solution for retailers powered by the TargetOne marketing engine.

Retailers can send notifications and personalized offers tailored to customers’ interests and preferences, either before the customer begins their shopping journey or while they’re at the store.

The Manthan TargetOne engine is designed to enable deep personalization by algorithmically processing the customer’s shopping intents and buying contexts and their digital or in-store actions, to make the best recommendations in real time.

Built on the Maya AI platform, the solution is designed to create customer personas and identify actionable opportunities to drive engagement, leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms.

The solution also detects customer presence and location within a store from store beacons powered by WiFi, Visible Light Communication or Bluetooth technologies.

Retailers can leverage TargetOne to power their front-end mobile applications and deliver engaging shopping experiences in every store. The platform also empowers retailers to run micro-targeted promotions, better fulfill customer shopping needs, shape customer path-to-purchase, induce new purchases and ultimately increase basket value.

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