LogMeIn Introduces Bold360 Customer Engagement Platform

LogMeIn Introduces Bold360 Customer Engagement Platform

LogMeIn, Inc. introduced Bold360, an intelligent customer engagement platform designed to gather a real time 360-degree view of all customer touch points and contextual data in a single solution.

Bold360 is designed to empower customers with self-service tools, eliminating routine tasks from the agent workflow to improve contact center efficiencies and deliver the type of customer experiences that build loyalty.

The Bold360 release includes:

  • An interface that consolidates data from different systems to present a unified view of all customer interactions. Agents can work across different channels while seeing a complete history of all interactions for the customer they are assisting;

  • No code integrations;

  • Engagement with customers across a variety of channels, including live chat, Facebook Messenger, email and more;

  • Intelligent automation designed to help agents respond to commonly asked questions, with the ability to create, curate and manage answers. The system gets smarter over time and can be applied to self-service interactions or to inform agents in an assisted interaction; and

  • Features such as remote control, file transfer and co-browsing, enabling agents to escalate visitors to remote support within one interface, to drive efficiency and resolve customer issues. 

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