Listrak Unveils Content Personalization Tool

Listrak Unveils Content Personalization Tool

Listrak has launched Content Personalization — the newest addition to its growing Personalization Suite — which is designed to enable digital marketers to automatically deliver relevant and impactful content directly to the inbox with minimal time and team resources.

Targeted to retailers, publishers and content-rich sites with active email programs, Content Personalization allows users to share targeted and personalized content — such as articles, blog posts, videos, recipes, tutorials or offers — based on each subscriber’s individual preferences and online behaviors.

With Content Personalization, users can:

  • Discover content and the best images, title and description to inject into an email — without the need for manual tagging;

  • Automate the discovery of new content, and remove content from the program directly from the Listrak digital marketing platform;

  • Personalize content based on an individual’s activities and the activities of other consumers who exhibit similar behaviors;

  • Avoid showing previously recommended content;

  • Keep their brand top-of-mind outside the active consideration of the buying cycle; and

  • Stay present and connect with subscribers on a 1:1 level.

Currently, Content Recommendations include an image, title and short body text description that can be designed in various layouts for email. Future applications are slated to include web site integration.

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