Limbic Media Launches Aurora Interactive Lighting Technology

Limbic Media Launches Aurora Interactive Lighting Technology

Limbic Media has released Aurora, a plug-and-play lighting technology designed to transform traditional lighting displays into interactive experiences. Retailers can use the technology to create a multisensory experience designed to engage a shopper’s emotional stimuli once they enter the store.

With younger shoppers often valuing experience as part of their brick-and-mortar journey, Aurora is designed to enable retailers to integrate these interactive lighting experiences into their products and marketing campaigns.

Aurora creates light shows that are controlled, in real time, by music or sounds from the surrounding environment. Bright RGB LED lights are combined with sound-reactive technology to enable voices, claps, stomps and music to manipulate the lighting scheme.

Sophisticated lighting algorithms create a connection between light and sound and are designed to visualize audio features as subtle as the vibrato of a violin.

Aurora is designed to work right out of the box, reducing the need for expensive custom programming or professional lighting personnel for installation.

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