Kenco And Primera Launch Anti-Fraud Smart Tags

Kenco And Primera Launch Anti-Fraud Smart Tags

Kenco, a logistics solution provider, and Primera Technology, a specialty printer manufacturer, have partnered to launch the Kenco-LP tag, an anti-fraud solution. The tags are tamper-proof and can also assist with inventory and product tracking.

The solution is designed to help disrupt shoplifting, wardrobing, receipt fraud, price switching and other forms of shrinkage. Print software captures data points and starts the audit trail, allowing retailers to keep track of items every step of the way, even post-purchase — if it’s altered, tampered with or removed the product cannot be returned.

Each tag is printed in full color with a unique serial number and security features that are embedded and locked into the device, making it non-transferable. The “product DNA” aspect of the tags also helps maximize associates’ time and productivity by tying it to POS systems and software to incorporate these details in day-to-day operations.

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