JDA Software Launches Next-Generation Solutions Portfolio

JDA Software Group has launched JDA Luminate, a portfolio of solutions and core product enhancements designed to improve users’ ability to predict consumer demand and deliver faster fulfillment by connecting stores, distribution centers, logistics and manufacturing under one digital network.

The solutions are built on an open, cognitive and connected platform that can help retailers generate decisions based on real-time data.

The portfolio features:


  • JDA Luminate Assortment, which enables fast visual assortment development and hyper-localization, leveraging data science to identify customer signals driven by purchase behaviors, predict product relevance by customer group and location;
  • JDA Luminate Demand, which develops forecasts leveraging machine learning and includes demand influencers like the impact of weather, social sentiment, news and local events;
  • JDA Luminate Store Optimizer, designed to deliver a holistic view of store events and operations;
  • JDA Luminate Supply, which uses external and internal supply signals to identify and resolve supply issues, facilitated by alerts from IoT and other digital signals;
  • JDA Luminate Transport, which leverages real-time visibility and analytics to predict disruptions to planned transportation, self-diagnose root causes to exceptions and correlate these events for impactful remediation; and
  • JDA Luminate Warehouse, which enables task optimization through AI and machine learning to eliminate congestion and improve completion throughput.

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