Janam Releases XT200 Mobile Device For Barcode Scanning, POS Tracking

Janam Releases XT200 Mobile Device For Barcode Scanning, POS Tracking

Janam Technologies, a mobile computer provider, has introduced a touch computer with a five-inch display and Google’s “Android Enterprise Recommended” (AER) certification called the XT200. This latest model is designed to operate for years in retail, direct store delivery and field store environments.

The smartphone-like tool includes capabilities such as tracking POS and offering proof of delivery to empower mobile workers and improve process efficiencies. The computers include specifications such as WiFi Fast Roaming connectivity, 4G LTE for voice and data and support for instant Push-to-Talk.

The XT200 also includes high-performing 2D imaging technology designed to improve accuracy and motion tolerance when scanning barcodes. Data capture is further enhanced through integrated RFID and NFC reading capabilities, as well as rear- and front-facing cameras.

The AER certification means the XT200 will receive 90-day security patches for five years and is guaranteed to stay up-to-date. The tools are capable of handling physical wear and tear as well, and come with protection against water, dust, temperature and drops.

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