Impact Power Technologies Batteries Minimize Device Downtime

1SS IPT ImageImpact Power Technologies (IPT) has manufactured a series of batteries designed to help retail businesses save money on power, and prevent mid-shift battery failures that can result in device downtime and unplanned work stoppages. The IPT Productivity+ Series includes:

  • IPT-MC9000-Li;

  • IPT-MC75-Li;

  • IPT-WT4090-Li Standard and Extended Batteries; and

  • IPT-CN50-Li.

The Productivity+ Series batteries fit a number of popular retail devices including those made by Motorola, Symbol, Intermec, Honeywell, LXE, Zebra, O’Neil and Vocollect. IPT also manufactures chargers to keep batteries powered and mobile devices running.

“There are two main reasons why our customers keep reordering more IPT batteries even beyond their capacity to last through an entire work shift,” said David Murray, VP of Sales at SSE Technologies. “IPT’s one-year ‘no questions asked’ warranty versus other typical 30-day limited warranties; and IPT’s value pricing, which saves them money upfront. IPT is a small, privately owned engineering group specializing in one thing — making batteries that make a difference."

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