Hat Tip Helps Retailers Maintain Localized Job Boards

Hat Tip Helps Retailers Maintain Localized Job Boards

The Hat Tip platform is designed to enable retail, restaurant, hotel and other service companies to list jobs on devices within their store locations and allow job seekers to find them based on location.

The platform includes algorithmic technology designed to:

  • Identify jobs posted across the web;

  • Determine which jobs are for service positions in retail, restaurant and hospitality; and

  • Assign exact geolocations for each job.


Retailers can add the Hat Tip experience to the web site and mobile apps of specific malls to save on the time and money required to maintain a job board.

Hat Tip and Cherry Hill Mall collaborated to launch a new mall job board in July 2016. Results included:

  • Generating more than 3,000 monthly job application clicks;

  • Increasing the number of posted jobs tenfold; and

  • Increasing consumer engagement 3X.

Hat Tip is rolling out its service in various U.S. cities and has partnered with dozens of malls to help stores hire new employees.

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