GroundTruth Launches Performance-Based Pricing Models Suite

0aaSS GroundTruth ImageGroundTruth, a global technology platform designed to drive offline visits and sales by leveraging location as the primary source of intent, has unveiled a new suite of performance-based pricing models called True Performance.

The solution is designed to leverage location-based marketing to allow advertisers to pay only for results or actions that precisely meet their business objectives.

The performance-based buying suite includes the Cost Per Visit (CPV) advertising model, and a pricing model for driving product sales that is specifically geared toward CPG brands looking to better measure their location-based marketing efforts. The latter is a SKU-level, Return on Ad Spend model where advertisers pay only for additional product sales generated by the campaign.

“One of the biggest challenges in digital marketing has been the ability to tie investment directly with real business outcomes,” said Iwona Alter, VP and CMO of Jack in the Box in a statement. “When someone enters our restaurant, we know they are going to make a purchase, so the main priority is to simply drive those visits. This model allows us for the first time to verify the efficiency of this process.”

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