Global Technology Systems Debuts Batteries-As-A-Service

Global Technology Systems Debuts Batteries-As-A-Service

Global Technology Systems (GTS) has launched Batteries-as-a-Service (BaaS), a mobile power managed service offering designed to help companies improve their ability to deal with mid-shift battery failures.

BaaS features include:

  • Test & Replace: Allows users to identify, remove and replace bad batteries using the GTS Tester and Mobile app onsite. The feature also offers post-test management reports with actionable insights for future planning and budgeting purposes;
  • Battery Color Coding: Clients can identify, replace, and recycle only the aging batteries, by using a unique color for each year rather than the traditional battery color, which reduces the number of bad batteries in circulation; and
  • Free Recycling: GTS’ Lithium battery recycling program offers a financial incentive for all participants, encouraging customers to safely discard their old batteries.

GTS also provides custom battery usage reports, including an initial inventory of all batteries found, retained, replaced and recycled.

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