Fluent Commerce Offers Unified Order Management Solution

Fluent Commerce Offers Unified Order Management Solution

Fluent Commerce, a cloud-native distributed order management solution provider, is focused on helping omnichannel retailers offer shoppers a unified commerce experience. The company’s technology suite includes software for tasks such as in-store tooling, inventory and location management, customer service, fulfilment optimization and reporting.

The solution integrates a retailer’s physical warehouse and store inventory with its online store, optimizing delivery options for shoppers and providing tools that can help associates manage orders and track inventory. Retailers have full visibility and control over orders, fulfillment and returns, and can track them with orchestrated business rules.

Other capabilities of the platform include:

  • Splitting and allocating order items based on strategies optimized for custom combinations of cost-efficiency, speed of delivery, service levels and sell-through rate;
  • Managing returns with orchestrated workflows based on return types, individual items or brands, source, location or the return reason;
  • The ability to create multiple virtual catalogues with custom and dynamic inventory counters;
  • Tools to create a unified customer experience with endless aisle fulfillment options; and
  • Real-time dashboards capable of accessing metrics such as order and return volumes, fulfillment flows, store fulfillment, inventory levels and sell-through.
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