FLEAT Launches AI-Powered Mobile Retail Vehicle Network

FLEAT Launches AI-Powered Mobile Retail Vehicle Network

Fleat Network, a startup that enables retailers to mobilize their operations to fulfill off-premise sales, is testing customized mobile retail vehicles (MRV) designed to distribute perishable goods. The MRVs, combined with the company’s AI-powered StreetLogic technology, deliver a real-time network that automates the order and delivery process. 

The technology leverages a retailer's customer database to appeal to shoppers through unique, personalized offers using AI and geolocation. Once a customer is paired with a mobile storefront operating in their area, they receive a notification, and then can choose from available inventory and place an order for curbside delivery using their mobile device.

With the network, retailers also can maintain control of their customer data and promote awareness in hyperlocal markets using transit advertising and intelligent geotargeted digital promotions.

Although the technology can be applied to most retail commodities, the company is focused initially on on-demand delivery of fresh foods, launching a pilot program in Orlando, Fla.

Fleat offers its platform “as-a-service,” meaning the costs for delivery vehicles and network access are provided for a fixed monthly fee. 

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